Hello there, and welcome to Turbo Sloth, a comic that on the internet,or “webcomic” for you tech-savvy people. I have been a fan of webcomics for years and decided to start my own, despite having no artistic talent or computer skills. I compensate for this by loading myself up with caffeine and using MS Paint to draw whatever crazy ideas and jokes, however ridiculous or offensive, pop up in my racing ADD brain.

This comic was created in February 2010 by Ben Pernick (that’s me!) I’m currently working as a music therapist in Hartford, Connecticut, and love ska-punk, fantasy baseball, long walks on the beach, and overused cliches.

Turbo Sloth updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I love to both give and receive guest comics and art, so contact me if you’re interested in that or anything else that crosses your mind.


Contact – Benofalltrades22@gmail.com